About us

About Us

What is Monkeymarket?

We are an eco-system for both Amazon sellers and consumers where both parties not only rely but benefit from each other. A platform where users can interact with and learn from each other. A system which gives Amazon sellers a new opportunity to grow and mature their Amazon listings, and new Amazon sellers a chance to jump start their Amazon journey. Amazon and Monkeymarket shoppers help Amazon and Monkeymarket sellers by purchasing their products at greatly discounted rates, and in return this helps Amazon sellers improve their Amazon listings through more sales and *potential feedback from Monkeymarket shoppers.

*Please note that we are not an Amazon Review Website.

Why join as a seller?

We have fixed prices, once you pay for a normal or premium seller account (or a premium shopper account) - there are no more forced additional or recurring fees, just single payments.

Cheaper prices compared to other competitors. As we are a newer and smaller company we want to offer far cheaper prices in comparison to our competitors, and will continue to do so as our company grows.

As a smaller company now is the time to establish yourself and your Amazon business on monkeymarket, make yourself the top seller and stand out within the growing crowd.

Who are we?

We are a small UK based start up company founded in early 2022 by founder Matthew Howard. With a goal to help independent Amazon sellers and start ups grow their company into successes, while also offering consumers a chance to find some of the best deals on Amazon.

Our Process

Why are these products

It’s pretty simple, brands who are launching new products need sales to help them get started on Amazon. They’re willing to lose money on those products if it means their product will rank better and get more sales in the long run.

You Get Crazy Deals Up to
80% Off or more

They Get A Better Ranking Because
You Bought Through Monkey Market